Dental Retainers With A Lifetime Replacement Service from Glidewell Dental Lab
Dental Retainers With Lifetime Replacement Service From Glidewell Dental Labs

What is "For Life"?


With Clear-Lock Retainers for Life, you secure for your patients a 30-year protection plan for their smile. This service from Glidewell Laboratories allows the dentist to order orthodontic appliances to hold a patient's teeth in position after orthodontic treatment.

For each Clear-Lock retainer prescribed, the lab digitally scans the patient's model and stores the 3-D digital data for a period of 30 years. When a replacement retainer is needed, the dentist can fax or e-mail the prescription to the lab and a new orthodontic retainer will be fabricated.

Best of all, the patient does not need to return to the office for impressions because the replacement orthodontic retainer is made from the digital data stored during initial fabrication. This saves both the dentist and the patient valuable time and money!